"Short Comings" Live From The Bedroom​!​!​!

by Rusty Joe



I just got really bored, and I think I'm a lot better live than in my recordings.


released April 23, 2012

Shout outs go out to my room for being so damn cold while I make this shit happen



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Rusty Joe Miami, Florida

Ayyyyy! I'm Rusty Joe, I sing about friends, cigarettes, and being selfish. I like to sing in front of a thousand people that couldn't care less, these are my stories, and they're not as good as you might think they are.

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Track Name: My Squares Stay Lit Down The Road
I'll light this one last cigarette, yeah I'll do it for the road. Yes it's one for the road.

I don't follow anyone, no I don't do what I'm told. I don't do what I'm told.

These chains don't drag me down, I've got everything for free.

And as bad as I drown, I'm not the one to walk with a frown.

I'm better than you, and it's not cause I'm rich, not cause I'm better off, it's cause I know how to stand strong. Yes I know how to stand strong, and I know how to survive. Don't you wish you were like me, yes indeed, yeah yeah.
Track Name: I Talk Shit, Too Much Shit
Maybe it's the way I talk, maybe it's the way that I don't give a fuck, you can blame it all on me, or late night TV... but you can never stop me.

Yes I lack creativity, but I don't care cause it's all about me! You might say that I'm a chump, a low class runt, but you will never learn to call my bluff.

Don't think for a second that you can get through to me. It's all right, it's ok, I don't even know me.

I'll be dead when I die, but for now I'll stand strong, I', still alive. Woah!