Short Comings

by Rusty Joe

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Just an album about ups and down, thoughts and impulses. These are the songs that most people like, and a new one. I just want to be heard


released February 14, 2012

A big shoutout to my best friend Rigo Discua. He let me use his picture for the album cover. He also films, and he's really great at it, mostly skate videos and test takes, but it's still pretty cool. Check out his youtube channel

Also to Eddie and Jerrika, who let me go into their shed and be a lazy bum... also for playing frisbee with me and giving me a huge help on the album. Check out Jerrika's Tumblr at



all rights reserved


Rusty Joe Miami, Florida

Ayyyyy! I'm Rusty Joe, I sing about friends, cigarettes, and being selfish. I like to sing in front of a thousand people that couldn't care less, these are my stories, and they're not as good as you might think they are.

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Track Name: My Squares Stay Lit Down The Road
I'll light this one last cigarette, yeah I'll do it for the road. Yes it's one for the road.

I don't follow anyone, no I don't do what I'm told. I don't do what I'm told.

These chains don't drag me down, I've got everything for free.

And as bad as I drown, I'm not the one to walk with a frown.

I'm better than you, and it's not cause I'm rich, not cause I'm better off, it's cause I know how to stand strong. Yes I know how to stand strong, and I know how to survive. Don't you wish you were like me, yes indeed, yeah yeah.
Track Name: Dear Mr. Politics
This letter is addressed to the politics in Washington's States
If you want us all to die, you should come and join the fight
Cause it seems you don't know when to quit
You get rich by seeing us leave

Well I won't stand for it, no I won't give in. If you want me to fight this war, I only fight for the poor, and you'll never have to condemn all my brothers and my friends

We shall rise and say goodbye
Call us when the war has gone by
And be sure that the next bomb to drop
Will be our revolution, our time will come


If you wanna see it end, get off your high horse and just make amends
Cause the power to end life isn't better than a party on a Saturday night
La da du da da la da du da da
Track Name: Keepin' Me In Check
I used to think that suicide's a tragedy, and then I picked up the knife in front of me. No, I don't think that this world would think of me, I'd rather leave and forget about my misery.

Grabbed the pills that guaranteed the death of me, I slit my wrist to prove that nothing hurts me. I wrote a note that said this is the end of me, I tore it up to keep my death a mystery.

It's sad to say that everything bothers me, sad to think that nobody likes me, sad to know just who it is I'm thinking of.

Then I thought of all the things that kept me free, like my best friend who always calls me up at 3(am), and how quiet this town of mine would be, I look up now and smile about everything.

Good to know that some people like me, good to know that I've got all the things I need, good to know that I won't need to kill me
Track Name: My Own Bonnie and Clyde
I am your man and you are my girl
With two handguns we take on the world
Wrecking havoc we're the masters of crime
We do it all 3 steps at a time

You are a poet and I am a thief, but every night I find you sleeping next to me. Bonnie and Clyde would be so impressed, if they were alive they'd clap at the mess we have made.

So what I'm asking you, is to not be afraid.
When you find a girl that would gladly replace your boring life and turn it upside down
Everything is so much better when there's nothing to be bound to.


Love your girl as much as you can
Love her more if she looks better with a rifle and cigar in hand
Track Name: All My Memories Stored In A Shed
Wanna know what I do all day?
Absolutely nothing, not once fucking thing
Cause there's really nothing to do

I just sit around all day not having a clue
But it's ok cause I'm usually out hanging out with you

It could be riding a bike all through the night or sittin' around in the yard all the time.

No plans about our futures and no direction to anywhere
We'll just sit down here and stay unprepared

That's the thing about friends, you can't be with them everyday. Cause when you hang out too much, you can see how boring it gets.

But as long as I'm bored I'm just glad I'm bored with you.
Track Name: Jolly Rogers Revolution
And I saw the axes of our fathers by the sea
The sea that sank all the ships of thieves and burgalry
And deep down above the ground the sea's like you and me
All we know and all we are are human being free

And we all set sail on the big revolution and we choose to stay away from greed
So come aboard if you want to leave come with me and we'll both be free
And we all set sail on the big revolution and we choose to stay away from greed
So come aboard if you want to leave come with me and we'll both be free
Track Name: I Talk Too Much Shit
Maybe it's the way I talk, maybe it's the way that I don't give a fuck, you can blame it all on me, or late night TV... but you can never stop me.

Yes I lack creativity, but I don't care cause it's all about me! You might say that I'm a chump, a low class runt, but you will never learn to call my bluff.

Don't think for a second that you can get through to me. It's all right, it's ok, I don't even know me.

I'll be dead when I die, but for now I'll stand strong, I', still alive. Woah!